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Increase Sales

“Nothing happens until a sales is made.” -Thomas Watson Sr., President, IBM (1914-1956). This simple quote is true. To increase sales for your business, we focus on four areas of practice to help you reach your goals.


#1 - Sales Process Development - Sales development is the process of warming up leads or prospects and readying them for the eventual buying decision. It most often refers to a repeatable set of steps your sales team takes with a prospect to move them from early stage to a closed customer. We train your team on how to best move through the sales process. This process includes five steps: prospect, connect, research/evaluate, present, and close. We provide a clear and simple success plan that your team can duplicate time and time again.


#2 - Sales Training and Coaching - According to Forbes magazine, 55% of salespeople lack basic sales skills. We develop comprehensive strategies to win sales opportunities so that your organization can become more profitable. We define which selling behaviors lead to success, plus engage your entire sales and management team, set clear goals and priorities, and implement measurement tools to track your success. Following your sales training and coaching, we leave you with a sustainability plan so you can continue your sales success. Every dollar invested in sales training returns $29 in incremental revenues, according to the results of a study conducted by a leading US Telecoms company.


#3 - Sales Pipeline Management - You may already have a sales pipeline in place and not realize it. A sales pipeline is a visual snapshot of where your prospects are in the sales process to track sales opportunities. One benefit of utilizing and tracking sales through a sales pipeline is the ability to analyze problem areas in each stage of the pipeline, and work to fix them. For example, a study by Pace Productivity Inc. found out that the average sales rep spends about 22% (or 10.8 hours per week) of their time selling, and 23% on administrative tasks. Imagine the potential to increase sales if this number were significantly lower. The bottom line is, the more you are able to manage your sales pipeline, the more likely you are to increase revenue.


#4 - Finding Talent - According to Paul English, CTO of the highly successful travel website Kayak, aggressively recruiting talent is key to a business's success. Recruiting is a proactive exercise. It requires effort and energy to generate candidate flow, meet candidates, vet them, check references, and more. The interview process in America has increased from 3.3 to 3.7 days since 2009. Today it stands at 22.9 days on average. If you are looking to build a company, recruiting capable talent is paramount - but who has time? We get involved from the ground up - from writing a winning job description, all the way to vetting and interviewing potential candidates we then personally assess.